Setup and Training Support

SteelPro wants to ensure our solution gives you the results you are looking for in your business operations. Our team will guide you through the process and setup of the initial system settings, give you templates to help migrate historical data, and create a training program which works for your team. With SteelPro, you are not on your own—we want you to leverage the solution in your business to maximize efficiency and profits.


Data Migration

SteelPro offers many templates to help get your historical information into the system so you can harness the powerful analytics. In some situations it may require both converting the data and scrubbing the data to ensure it’s accuracy. Either way we are dedicated to get you a solid base of information and historical views for your organization.

Our experienced team will work with you and your current data source or sources to make sure you get what you want. Our team is available on a project basis to help you with other potential data needs as well for any of your other solutions. You will see from the start-up experience that we can leverage our expertise to get it done accurately and efficiently.


System Integration

SteelPro understands the production environment and the fact there might be several systems and solutions either on the shop floor or in the front office. Whatever your system needs are or how many solutions you utilize, we will work with you to tie all of the disparate systems together for your solution. Whether it is pushing data into, pulling data out of or just tying it together for analytics—SteelPro’s team can help you.


Data Entry

SteelPro and our team can help you with data entry services. Whether it is for the initial set-up and historical data entry or for other long term needs, SteelPro can help. From front-office to back-office, we can customize a program to fit your needs.



Is there something missing in our system (although we tried and used our experience to make it feature packed!) or one of your other systems which you need a solution for? Let’s face it, your business is unique and no one knows it better than you. We can customize anything within the SteelPro platform, create a solution for one of your other systems, or just start from scratch. Let’s discuss what you are looking for and get to solving your opportunity.

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