SteelPro Will Put Your Business in the Clouds

Sales & Customer Service

  • Easy customer management
  • Intuitive sales order entry and pricing
  • Sales analysis and analytics
  • CRM and marketing
  • Flexible pricing and job pricing capabilities


  • Complete inventory requirements planning
  • Steel oriented Mill Certification logging
  • Support for min/max levels
  • Track scheduled and late receipts
  • Collaborate using vendor portal

Quality Control

  • Extensive internal test protocol
  • Non-conformance identification and claims
  • Mill certification and steel genealogy tracing
  • Intuitive reporting for controls
  • Workflow embeds quality throughout process


  • Integrated to show “ready status”
  • Configurator for load planning
  • Easy shipping document creation
  • Steel certification automation
  • Integrate with carrier sites

Customer Owned Inventory

  • Automated inventory and receipts tracking
  • Steel related toll charges
  • Allows for charging of storage fees
  • Production and shipments tracking
  • Share with customer on portal

Inventory Control

  • Flexible, industry specific capabilities
  • Manage by location and storage area
  • Extensive traceability and history
  • Physical inventory and cycle counts
  • Know every stock movement


  • Flagging for “on sales order” status
  • Control over expected deliveries
  • Label printing capabilities
  • Fully integrated with sales and inventory
  • Manage receipts and traffic plans


  • Easy consolidation by part for work order
  • Capacity utilization scheduling
  • Track operator efficiency and material yield
  • Work order flow for multi-step
  • Improve inventory accuracy

Financial Management

  • Quick invoicing – integrated solution
  • Control purchasing and inventory levels
  • Extensive accounts receivable management tools
  • Vendor invoice reconciliation
  • Know your business with data at fingertips


  • Intuitive reporting for cost tracking
  • Advanced analytics and dashboards
  • Vendor score cards for supply chain view
  • Powerful workflow automation
  • Reduce working capital with real-time inventory


SteelPro will help your team focus on core competencies and on what is important to drive profits. Whether it is complete and accurate inventory levels, precise and integrated pricing, or a better understanding of true cost drivers—SteelPro gives you the tools to drive true bottom-line results.


Ever wanted to know the status of a work order, the sales history of the customer you are walking into, or your landed inventory cost of a specific gauge/size of product? With SteelPro you have all that and more right at your fingertips. SteelPro’s integrated solution and advanced analytics will give you and your team the “one-up” on your competition.


The global marketplace has created for all of us business without walls. SteelPro’s solution allows you to give both customers and vendors information to share in our Customer and Vendor portals—offering you true collaboration across the supply chain.


With today’s competitive business environment, you must keep up with the pace of change to sustain a competitive advantage. SteelPro was built on the cloud which allows you to securely sign-on anytime and anywhere. SteelPro also eliminates your need for internal IT infrastructure and still have all your business critical needs met in real time.